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What Is A Sensible Skincare Routine Men Should Follow?

What Is A Sensible Skincare Routine Men Should Follow?

Coming up with a skincare routine is easy. Anyone can take a pen and paper and come up with a list of things to do in the morning and evening. But, can you really follow it? Well, you must admit that it makes sense to stick to realistic and attainable skincare routine and goals. Here is one that you can actually follow:

  • Drink A Glass Or Two Of Warm Water The First Thing In The Morning

Before reaching out for a cup of coffee or tea, you may want to think about your skin’s health and hence take a glass of warm water. It will keep your skin moisturized and glowing for the better part of the day.  

  • Moisturize Your Skin

Even after taking a glass or two of water, you must proceed to utilize a moisturizer just to be completely sure that your skin is protected. It is particularly important after shaving because the process is likely to leave your pores open and unprotected from the harsh weather and pollutants.

  • Cleanse Your Skin

A minute or two in the shower using a bar soap does not work well for your skin. You need to engage in deliberate and thorough cleansing to remove all dirt and dust that may have attempted to clog your skin’s pores.  

Hot water dries the very skin you are trying to protect. Instead, you should use warm water to wash your face. You should then proceed to apply the cleansing milk on a cotton wool and wipe your face with it. The procedure must be repeated at the end of the day.

While buying a cleanser, you must be keen to avoid products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate. It is harsh to your skin. Reading through the ingredients will help. You must also choose reputable brands that use natural products.

  • Apply Sunscreen

If you know that your daily routine involves getting exposed to UV rays, then you must not forget to apply sunscreen. You will avoid sunburns in the short run and premature aging in the long run.

  • Eat a Healthy Meal During the Day

Before stopping at the favorite diner for some greasy chicken and burgers, think about your skin. You don’t want to walk around with tens of acne popping out of your skin. Try balancing your meals by taking fruits and vegetables during your lunch and dinner. Do not forget to take more water.

  • Don’t  Sweat the Small Stuff

Regardless of how many beauty products you use, your skin will look old, dry, and tired at the end of the day if you are stressed. Find ways of dealing with issues such as sharing with the co-workers, exercising in the evening, breathing when anger starts to build up and walking out of a stressful environment when possible. Visiting a good therapist once in a while will not hurt.

  • Use an Eye Cream in the Evening

When people want to estimate your age, they often observe the elasticity of the skin around your eyes. Make their work difficult by applying an eye cream in the evening. It will lighten the area and make your skin firm.

  • Sleep Tightly

When the day is over, everyone is expected to go to bed. Some people find it hard and will rather watch a good game. If you are in this category, your skin will suffer. It is the only during sleep that the cells get repaired accordingly. Every infection and skin damage will heal better in such moments. Eating a light meal, avoiding loud music, doing away with your worries, and taking a warm bath will help you to sleep better.

  • Scrub Your Face Once In a Week

You should scrub your face once a week. Cleansing does not reach to the deep-rooted dirt and dead cells that clog your skin. An all-natural scrub is better than the micro-beads.

  • Visit the Dermatologist When Necessary

If you notice that your acne and sores are not fading away even after engaging in the routines described above, it is time to go to a dermatologist. They are likely to establish the rules to follow based on your skin type and other health conditions.

And there you have it! With simple routines, you will have attained all your skincare goals.