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What Are Some Essential Skin Care Items For Men

What Are Some Essential Skin Care Items For Men

A healthy skin for men does not just happen. Responsible men take their time to identify and use the appropriate skin care products in the market. Here are the most essential ones:

Facial Wash and Cleanser

Some men reason that using a regular bar soap or shampoo is enough to help their skin healthy. Avoid this path because it leads to a flaky and dry skin. In the bid to add alluring fragrances, manufacturers also use products contain harsh chemicals. All your natural oils will be eliminated within no time. You may want to take time to evaluate the options of cleaners in the market. They are designed to suit your skin type and tastes. They may contain ingredients such as allantoin, coconut oil, aloe, and olive oil.


It is not every day when your skin will remain hydrated. The sun, the wind and the toxic materials from the industries or vehicles will be out to take away all your skin oils and leave it dry. Do not give the forces a chance but instead, find a good moisturizer. The commonest ingredient in the product is retinol. It helps eliminate the dead cells that tend to clog your pores. The manufacturers may also be kind enough to include green tea, vitamin C and A, and alpha hydroxyl acids, all which smooth out your skin.


Your skin needs exfoliation at least once every week. It requires you to scrub off all the dead and dull skin cells in a way that new and radiant ones are revealed. Failure to get the right ones will leave your skin irritated and red. The beads must not be too harsh or too soft. Beads that contain polyethylene cause havoc to the environment and you must refuse to participate in this issue. Taking time to consider the varied formulas in the market is hence critical.

Lip Balm

Dry lips tell the world that you are either dehydrated or hungry. Avoid the embarrassment by investing in a good lip balm. Ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax are utilized to keep your moisturized.

Shave Formula and Repair

It is no secret that many men’s skin problem start after puberty. Once the beard starts to grow, the young ones will try different methods of getting an appealing cut. Most of the tricks do not work. Without the right pre and after shave formula, the problem will continue even during old age. Acne and scratches around the bear will be inevitable. Finding the right product will help you to move through the stages of life without skin issues.

Eye Cream

Are you aware that the area around your eyes should not be dark and saggy? Well, now you know. While the ladies may opt to have freshly cut cucumbers and apply makeup to deal with the issue, you can find an eye cream that boosts the elasticity in the area and brightens the dark circles.


Given that it is almost impossible to avoid the sun, you may well beat the harmful UV rays by investing in a good sunscreen. The best type should have broad-spectrum protection. This way, you can avoid both the UVA and UVB rays. The sun protection factor (SPF) should be at least 30. The number is sufficient to protect your skin. Note that the sunscreen may need to be reapplied after 2 hours if you are the type who sweats under the heat of the sun.

Hand and Body Lotion

Getting into the habit of using hand lotion after your chores will leave your hands soft. You must also apply some lotion to your body to create the appealing look you always wanted.

Remarkably, you should find the right skin care product by considering the following:

  1. Your age. Aging works against the elasticity of your skin. The cells may not be repaired as quickly as it was the case in your youth. Finding products that can cleanse and moisturize the skin well is hence vital.
  2. The weather. Harsh weather conditions are known to harm your skin. Understand the weather patterns before going to the stores for purchases.
  3. Fragrance. There are all types of fragrances in the market. Always go for the type that suits your taste.

Clearly, there are many skin care items that men should buy. A simple search online will help you to find the products that will work for you.