The Everything Guide for the Well-Groomed Man

The Everything Guide for the Well-Groomed Man

Groomed man is not made and not born. You have to make a deliberate decision to remain on top of your game at all times. If you are still struggling to make the right choices, this guide will help you through.

Good Grooming for every man must be done in consideration to several areas. They are:

  • Skin.
  • Hair.
  • Clothing and shoes.
  • Dental hygiene.


A well-groomed man takes care of his skin. It involves:

  1. Understanding your skin type. You may have normal, oily, combination skin, and sensitive skin. Making simple observations will help you in this process. If your skin tends to look shiny and greasy, there is a chance that you have oily skin. Normal skin does not have excessive oil. A dry skin, on the other hand, tends to have no or low amounts of oil. When your skin tends to be irritated easily, there is a chance that you have sensitive skin.
  2. Identifying the right products by reading the labels and ingredients. You will determine whether a product is appropriate based on your skin type. A person will acne issues should consider products labeled as non-comedogenic or oil-free. If you have sensitive skin, you should go for products that are labeled fragrance-free.
  3. Washing your face daily using a cleanser and lukewarm water. Hot water will always leave your face dry. Avoid bar soaps since they contain harsh chemicals.
  4. Drinking a lot of water. Taking a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis moisturizes your skin, making it healthy and appealing.


Taking care of your hair accordingly means the following:

  1. Washing your hair on a regular basis. Doing away with the dirt and dandruff does stimulate proper growth of your hair. Also, use clarifying shampoos and avoid rubbing your hair. Patting your hair will help you to avoid breakages.
  2. Finding the right hair clippers to shave your hair and beard. A good clipper has a sharp blade that allows you to have a precise cut.
  3. Avoiding tight hats and chlorinated water. Tight hats damage your hairline. Chlorinated water in the swimming pool or shower will lead to hair dry and brittle.
  4. Eating well. A balanced diet allows your hair to grow accordingly. Ensure that all your meals have a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits.
  5. Exercising. The testosterone levels in your body determine the volume of your hair and beard. Some forms of exercising such as lifting weights are known to stimulate its secretion. It is, therefore, important to enroll in a gym session or even buy the right equipment and exercise from home.

Clothing and Shoes

A properly groomed man knows the following:

  1. The colors and styles that work for specific occasions.
  2. The type of fabrics that look cheap.
  3. The size of the shoes and how to match them with the belt.
  4. The trends that thrill people who matter.
  5. The type of clothes that suit them in their youth and as they grow old.
  6. The accessories to use on different occasions.  

Dental Hygiene

It is not uncommon to find a man who has a clean shave, good suit, and a glowing skin yet has dental hygiene that sends all their friends away. This does not have to be your case. You can maintain proper dental hygiene by:

  1. Brushing your teeth after every meal. You must learn the right procedures of brushing and do not forget your tongue. Rushing through the process will not help you to achieve desirable results. The brush must have soft bristles.
  2. Use mouthwash to get rid of all bacteria.
  3. Floss regularly. You may not be in a position to reach the places between your teeth while brushing.
  4. Visit the dentist if you have cavities and other dental complications. Some of the signs that you need to see a doctor include having red gums, loss of permanent teeth, bleeding of gums, persistent bad breath, and sensitivity to cold or hot drinks or meals.
  5. Keeping your toothbrush clean and replace it after three months.
  6. Getting checked for stomach related issues. Good doctors will tell you that they are one of the causes of bad breath.