Steps To Grow And Style A Handlebar Mustache (With Pictures)

Steps To Grow And Style A Handlebar Mustache (With Pictures)

A Mustache could symbolize several things- maturity, security… you just name it. However, when it comes to refined manliness; the handlebar mustache stands out. After all, no other mustache matches the unique twist of gentleman refinement a handlebar mustache gives. Making a decision to go down the lane of this mustache would mean a lot of commitment on your end.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

Like I said, growing a handlebar mustache is not for the faint-hearted. The journey to growing a mustache suitable for handlebar style involves a certain amount of commitment and discipline.

First off, patience is key. Here comes the waiting period: before you would be able to come up with something recognizable and respectable, you would need to spend significant time grooming and nurturing your mustache. No matter how tempting, never attempt trimming your mustache. 

During this period, using a wax would be a great choice. Each night, put some wax between your thumb and forefinger and work it through your mustache. Try curling the ends in an attempt to attain the signature twist. This way, you train your mustache to grow a handlebar.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

You could make the decision to grow a handlebar mustache in a minute; however, the work required and time spent to actually grow a handlebar mustache is estimated to be about 2-3 months (around 90 days). So, brace up!

Supplies Needed To Style a Handle Bar

1. Mustache Wax: If you are dealing with a thick mustache, buy a stiff wax. On the other hand, if your mustache is thin, use a softer wax. To save costs, you could learn the recipes for homemade mustache wax.

2. A fine-tooth comb: To help you brush out your mustache. While some might prefer unconventional combs, testing out the two types might help.

3. Hair-trimming scissors: Scissors provide more precision than trimmers and it is recommended to use scissors when you don’t want to mistakenly cut off more density than required.

How to Style a Handlebar Mustache?

  1. Let It Grow and Do Not Trim It
  2. Comb and Train Your Mustache
  3. Trim and Apply Wax to Shape Your Mustache
  4. Maintain Your Handlebar Mustache

Below we have explained all the points (with pictures) on how to style a handlebar mustache.

Step 1: Let Your Mustache Grow and Do No Trim It

handlebar mustache

Patience is the key, let your mustache grow for at least 9 weeks if you are starting from scratch. During this period it might get itchy and creepy but you should not trim those hairs. This is the time where most of the people quit their journey of growing a great mustache and end up trimming very soon.

To boost up the mustache growth, apply oil (we recommend coconut oil) to your mustache daily before bed.

Step 2: Comb and Train Your Mustache

combing and styling mustache

Once your mustache is long enough to comb, it’s time to train it. Training your hair means getting your hair to start growing in a particular way. In this case, you want your mustache to grow in the way of the unique twist handlebar mustaches have.

Before combing your hair, add some mustache wax to help the twist stay in shape. Start by applying some mustache wax from the middle down to the tips. Be sure to massage the wax thoroughly into the mustache. Use your thumb and finger to shape the tips.

To comb, part your mustache down the middle of your lip and comb from your nose outwards

Step 3: Trim And Apply Wax To Shape Your Mustache

trimming mustache

The whole concept of keeping a mustache is to look more manly. And to do so, you must maintain a neat and clean mustache.

Before trimming your mustache, it is suggested to wash and dry it and then apply some wax to shape it. This helps to identify which hairs to trim and how much to trim for the handlebar shape.

3.1 Trimming The Middle Part

First, trim the middle part of your mustache to give it a uniform look.

You can use an electric trimmer. As usual, start from the middle of the mustache and work your way down to the tips. 

You need to go easy so you do not mistakenly trim off areas you do not want to. To avoid mistakes, keep your face relaxed, neutral and in a natural position.


3.2 Trim Just Below Nose

Remember to trim enough just below your nose (you don’t want to create an impression that your mustache is growing out of your nose). Do not cut the outside hairs as they give the handlebar shape to your mustache.


3.3 Trim the Ends but Don’t Cut Them

Trim the ends of your mustache with a scissor to make them even and equal in length from both ends. If you are in doubt about your ability to control a trimmer, use scissors for a more confident cut as they make you more precise. Always begin by trimming as little as possible so you don’t end up cutting more than is required.

3.4 Separate Mustache From Beard

Most of the beardsmen ignore this step and end up with a mustache merging with the beard. Separating the mustache from the beard makes it more noticeable and defined. If you grow a beard alongside your mustache, you need to keep your mustache from growing into your beard.

Trim the beard hairs just under the ends of your mustache.

Grab the one end of your mustache and lift it up, now trim the leftover hair (beard hair) shorter.

Step 4: Maintain Your Handlebar Mustache

It’s normal for you to get some meat or some dead skin stuck in your mustache, and that’s why you need to clean it. Apply some shampoo to keep it clean.    

Apply oil and brush your mustache hairs daily to keep them healthy.  

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