How to Grow a Beard for the First Time Naturally

How to Grow a Beard for the First Time Naturally

The time is now. On the street, in the movies, in your office- they are as visible as ever; men in beards. You have always longed to be part of this gang; one with flattering and fuller beards. Right now, the urge to grow healthy beards has escalated and huddled past your mind of resistance; Definitely, the time has come to start growing a beard.

Growing a Beard for the First Time

Just as when you try to develop muscles, growing beards involves more than just sitting, waiting for nature and puberty to do the job. It requires a meaningful resolve and regular routine. Good for you if you have decided to grow facial hair; let’s assist you in the routines you should follow.

Below are some beard growing tips for beginners:

Give It Time

I have good news! Lucky you; you’ve got another chore off the list- no more shaving. But then, in as much as you want beards- chock-full beards so you could feel more masculine, do not think you would have a 6-inch beard in a month. For a beginner, your beard could grow as slow as half an inch per month. So, you have got to give it time.

Do Not Touch Your Stubble

When a beard grows it itches. Avoid the urge to touching and scratching your beard. Never be tempted to shave due to itches. During your waiting period, you may notice a particular area has more strands than the other; Don’t be lured into attempting to even them out. The reason is simple: you would eventually make a mess of your beards. This is one of those things you should not do with your beard.

Keep Your Facial Hair Clean

Most men do not practice personal hygiene; and end up with skin irritations and skin diseases such as dandruff and lice; which could have been prevented in the first instance. If you would have any shot at developing facial hair, learn to wash your face and hair most of the time. In doing so, you help free the clogged pores and remove any sign of microbial growth that could be a threat to your developing beards. Before you lay on the bed at night, do not forget to wash your face with clean water.

Apply Beard Oil

You wouldn’t want to forget the essential grooming tools; beard oil, the right routine and perhaps, little attention to personal hygiene. If it were a game of soccer, beard oil would be your star striker when it comes to developing good beards. No doubt, beard oil has worked for many men and has made men beards look attractive even before New York times regarded beard as a fashionable trend.

Let me tell you what it does: beard oil helps soften and hydrate the skin, making it receptive to the incoming beard. Not only does it do the styling aspect of beard management, but it also ensures you have not flakes or dust stuck between strands.

The question pops in: how do you apply beard oil? Luckily, it isn’t much of a task. The best time to rub your oil would be just after a morning bath. The pores would be much more open to the oil compared to if you were to rub it before a bath. Also, we tend to think more is better; in this case, a few drops can do the job.

Brush Your Beard Hairs

You would not want to miss out on this part of beard management. After a few months, your dream beard gradually becomes a reality. In order to maintain its shape and fullness, pay attention to the kind of comb you use. If you choose to use a comb with very sharp edges- sharp enough to rip some strands off your jaw; you might be out for some pains. So, choose the appropriate combs

Wrapping Up  

In your bid to develop your dream facial hair, do not forget the role genetics play in how full your beard would grow to be. This fact should be stored in your mind before you start growing a beard. A history with men having less facial hair wouldn’t necessarily support an individual with dreams of a jam-packed beard.  Anyways, be sure to maintain the little you could grow.