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Male Skin Care & Shaving Tips

Male Skin Care & Shaving Tips

Gone are the days when skin care was left to women. Men were given permission to walk around with acne and rashes. Today, men know that they can maintain healthy skin and clean hair cuts for life. If you are yet to identify the right tips, this article is written for you. It is an established fact that most of the men want to take care of their skin without necessarily spending too much time and effort. Fortunately, that is all you need to know about skin care and shaving. It requires:

Identify Your Skin Type

How will you take care of something if you are not familiar with its characteristics? You must, indeed, be aware of your skin type before establishing any skincare routine. It can be dry, oily or normal. Some people have a combination of more than one skin type.

You can consult a dermatologist, use a blotting paper, or make observations to identify the skin type. In case you opt to use a blotting paper, you should blot key areas of your face including the cheeks, jaw area, forehead, and T-zone overnight. When you check the results in the morning, you will realize that the blotting paper will have:

  • A lot of oil is almost all areas of your skin if you have oily skin.
  • Average amounts of oil if you have normal skin.
  • A little amount of oil if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  • Areas with oily patches while others will have no oil if you have combination skin.

Observing your skin requires you to clean with water in the morning and apply no product until midday. If the skin looks the same as it did in the morning, there is a chance that you have normal skin. You have oily skin if most of your face look shiny. Dry patches and redness or peeling is indicative that you have dry or sensitive skin.

Once you have identified the right skin, it will be possible to find the right skin care products.

Cleanse Regularly

A simple cleansing of your skin will make a major difference in your skin’s appearance. It unclogs the pores, leaving your skin healthy. You must go for a cleanser that does not contain harsh chemicals. Avoid using hot water and instead, go for warm water. Hot water leaves your face dry and flaky. You must also dab your skin instead of rubbing it after cleaning to retain the natural oils.

Protect your skin

Your skin will be subject to pollutants and the unforgiving ultraviolet rays on a daily basis. Protect it by using a moisturizer and sunscreen when on your outdoor ventures. Wearing a hat is recommended during summer time.

Eat Well, Exercise, and Remain Hydrated

You will not always have a chance to hide your skin behind a long beard or hair. After shaving, it will be obvious to the world whether you have been taking a diet that helps your skin cells to repair. The dry skin will speak volumes as to how much water you have taken on a regular basis. Exercising will help you to attain overall health and hence an infection-free skin.

Besides the tips provided above, you must find the perfect ways of shaving your hair to maintain great skin. This involves:

  • Shaving Using Sharp Razors

Whereas there are many adverts boasting about new products with high numbers of blades in a razor, it does not do you good to buy a product whose blade is blunt. It will leave you with bumps and acne after shaving because you have to make unnecessary strokes. You are also likely to use a lot of pressure to get close to the skin.

  • Following The Pre and After Shave Procedures  

Applying a shaving cream and washing your face or head is important. It makes the hairs soft enough for you to achieve a smooth shave. You must apply an after shave cream and moisturize to avoid skin irritation.

  • Identifying the Right Shaving Technique

In the shaving world, many and carefully calculated strokes are better than one long and rough stroke. You should also follow the direction of your hair growth. It implies that you must have enough time to study these directions before shaving.  

All in all, it is possible to hair great skin if you know your skin type. You will hence find ideal ways of cleansing and protecting it. A good diet and embracing the right shaving techniques will also help.