Should I Take a Multivitamin? Breaking the Myths

Should I Take a Multivitamin? Breaking the Myths

You’ve heard about the wonders of vitamin and mineral supplements, so you want to try them. However, you also know that the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t approve food supplements. What do you do? There’s so much information about multivitamins that you don’t know what’s right and what’s false. That’s why you need to read this article aptly entitled; “Should I Take a Multivitamin? Breaking the myths.”

Myth 1: The food supplements industry is not regulated

Although the FDA does not approve multivitamins since they are not chemical medicine, other equally credible bodies regulate them. They ensure that information provided by the manufacturers does not mislead the customers.

Some of these organizations are:

1. U.S Pharmacopeia

They have a supplement verification program that examines the process used to make multivitamins to make sure that the quality, performance, and FDA standards are not compromised.


They test and review food supplements from most companies. You can trust this organization to give you an honest opinion regarding both the company and the vitamins you want to buy. 

3. National Science Foundation

They test these substances to ensure that all the ingredients indicated on the label are present in the pill. They also ensure that the company does not hold back any crucial information regarding dietary medicine from you.

These are enough and credible watchdogs to ensure you do not get misled by crafty manufacturers. Hence, make sure that the supplement container has a stamp of approval from any of the above institutions.


Myth 2: Dose doesn’t matter

Oh, it does. In fact, how and when you take your multivitamin matters a lot. Although this stuff is made from pure organic material, the journey from the raw material to the final product is quite unnatural.

As a result, you cannot gobble down vitamin C pills the way you would to oranges and lemons. Thus, before you have a dose of your multivitamin, you need a nod from the doctor.

You can’t just say ‘I’ll just check the package for stamps and go ahead.’ You must seek your doctor’s opinion on the following issues:

  1. Whether and how the supplement will affect your body. You need to interact with any medicine you could be taking and ensure there are no substances that can cause an advanced effect on your body.
  2. Whether the enhancement is for you. Just because your favorite athlete is known to take a particular multivitamin, that does not mean you go buying it. For instance, you are not allowed to take specific vitamins, especially for a pregnant woman or a person suffering from any specific disease. Make sure you are well informed before taking these multivitamins. 
  3. How long and how often you should take the pills. The company might recommend that you take two tablets a day, but your physician feels that one is enough.


Myth 3: Multivitamins can cure diseases. 

Can food supplements replace medicine? The answer is no. Can they cure diseases? Again, the answer is no.

Physicians and scientists have conducted countless researches on this issue, and recent studies show that the capsules or powder you are about to take is not curative. However, they help boost immunity which, in turn, can lower the chances of you getting sick.


Myth 4: Should I take a multivitamin? 

That is not what your doctor meant! For instance, your body needs over 13 different vitamins. Are you sure you can get enough of the thirteen purely from the food you eat? How many oranges do you have to eat to get the required daily quantity?

Sadly, the type of foods we eat today, and the kind of lifestyle we have deprived us of all the nutrients our bodies need. Yes, you eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, but also remember how much you enjoy cocktails and the occasional cigarette. 

Some supplements are also associated with reducing stress and anxiety, thus, making you feel good and calm. Hence treating yourself to a vitamin tablet once in a while is actually what your doctor recommended.

Final thoughts

Any substance that has the power to enhance your health is worth your time and money. Vitamins and minerals have a crucial role in decreasing the chances of getting cancer, depression, deficiency diseases, and heart diseases.

Therefore, if you find yourself wondering ‘should I take a multivitamin?’ Know that the benefits you get from these supplements outweigh the dangers associated with them. But, be keen on reading the ingredients, following your doctor’s advice, and checking for genuine certifies stamps.