Prepare For No Shave November & Avoid These Grooming Mistakes

Prepare For No Shave November & Avoid These Grooming Mistakes

If you happen to live on Earth (and not Mars), you should know what ‘no shave November’ means. It’s that joyous time of that year when men flaunt their beards; unshaven ones. Otherwise called ‘amateur beard month’, no shave November has grown crazily popular over the years since its debut in 2009. We use the term amateur beard month to respect the fact that many Beardsmen grow their first beard during this period. We have exclusively gathered grooming mistakes you shouldn’t make during this interval. First of all… 

What is No Shave November?

I hate to break this to you, but the reason behind no shave November is not to give you an excuse for not shaving your beard. Instead, the term was coined by the Movember Foundation solely for the purpose of raising awareness about cancer. Since most patients lost their hair, Movember Foundation aimed to do just the opposite by letting her supporters grow long hair, donating the money used for grooming to cancer research. Having this in mind, you would have a better reason to keep your beards. But then, you can’t be looking all-tattered in the name of donating. So, you might want to look at some tips you should have in mind as we come into the no shave month.

Do Not Be Tempted To Use A Razor- Let It Grow

If you are an amateur, you need to give your beard enough time to grow. The first step is to make a decision to not touch it- luckily, this would be easier if you are starting in this no shave month. It’s would be a struggle: skipping your already-inculcated morning shave habit, so, you’ve got to be determined to leave it. Just let it do its thing.  

Shave Or No Shave, Do Not Leave It Dirty

Even though you would give out your monthly grooming budget, November beard month isn’t an excuse to keep a dirty beard. Gently apply a soap beneath your beard skin to keep the area clean- you wouldn’t want to be picking lice in your hair. Although, this sounds extremely basic, it goes a long way in terms of maintenance.

Do Not Despise Beard Oil

While grooming your prized possession- beards, do not forget to get a beard oil. This also falls under the do-not-keep-it-dirty precaution. Beard oils are particularly good for keeping the skin underneath your beard hydrated. Not only that, they soften the beard; making it easier to comb. Use a beard oil– perhaps, the itchy feeling you mistake for an unfamiliar facial hair is actually your beard skin yelling for oil.

Look In The Mirror

Walking out of the restaurant with crumbs falling off your hair is not particularly a good sight. If you are the kind of person that would rush off to work in the morning without having a look at the mirror, you need to develop the habit of inspecting your beard. Looking at your beard through the mirror’s eye would be a way of maintaining its glam. For instance, it would be easier to dust off a brush crumb lying at a corner.

Get A Comb 

If you are not a fan of combs, well, in this beard month, you should become one. Picking the right comb requires more than. First off, the comb must possess wide teeth; so as to allow for easy gliding through the thicker areas of your beards. When you want to start combing, you should begin with the teeth facing upward, combing the beard outwards. Start from your neckline and proceed gradually towards your chin.   

How About Some No Shave November Rules?

I guess it would be appropriate to conclude with some do’s and don’ts. Don’t worry, the rules aren’t bulky ones. In fact, the most important- which perhaps covers the remaining ones- would be to simply put down the razor blade. After all, the motive behind the campaign is donating the money you would spend if you visited the salon for a shave. So, you see, so simply- drop the razor. However, to maintain some form of decency, you are allowed to trim your hair once in a while. Remember, once in every few days.