Top 5 Must-Have Beard Grooming Tools for Men in 2021

Top 5 Must-Have Beard Grooming Tools for Men in 2021

If you ask any veteran beard-grower, they’ll tell you this; 

Beard grooming isn’t as easy as people perceive it to be. However, with a little grooming skill, frequent practice, and knowledge, anyone can easily grow a brag-worthy beard.” 

Do you agree? Well, regardless, one simple fact stands out; you need the right tools to grow and maintain a proper beard

Let’s face it. Even the worst beard-groomers often use some kind of tool; be it a brush, comb, or a pair of scissors. Anyway, this post is all about showing you the right tools to get an amazingly stunning beard.

And the best part is that the internet, nowadays, is full of useful learning resources; including this Beard Growing Tips post. So, what excuse do you have for walking around with a shaggy, unkempt, and unruly beard? Here are five must-have, beard grooming tools every man needs to have. 

A Strong Styling Comb


This one’s a no-brainer. Every man with a beard has to have a comb. This tool not only helps to keep your beard looking neat and well taken care of but also to keep annoying tangles at bay. 

You can use a comb to straighten your beard or expose stray hair strands that may need trimming. 

A Practical Beard Brush

Pro tip; before buying a bread brush always make sure that it fits comfortably in your hand; plus, it should also be easy to use. 

Note that it is often wise to use tools that you are comfortable with. The amount of comfort and ease you experience when using a grooming tool will determine how your facial hair turns out. 

A Good-Quality Hair Trimmer

Trust me – trimmers do most of the work these days. Unlike in the past when men had to use crude tools just to maintain a neat mustache or beard; nowadays, things are a bit simple. Modern trimmers come with a myriad of grooming perks designed to offer the best experience to the user. 

For example:

  • Most new trimmers have T-shape blades that not only have a wide cutting length but also allow you to reach and easily trim hard to reach/see parts of your face. 
  • Modern trimmers are lightweight and very ergonomic; for a better and comfortable trimming experience
  • They also come with accessories including guide combs to help you cut your beard as per your desired length. 
  • Most are also cordless with longer runtimes to ensure you enjoy more time, freedom, and flexibility. 

Bottom line; it’s an impressive styling and trimming tool. 

A Stainless Steel Razor

Stainless Steel Razor

Now, if you are looking for near-perfect contrast and clear-cut lines around your beard, you’ll need a good-quality razor. This tool is sublime when it comes to cutting neat, straight, awesome looking beard-lines between your skin and facial hair. Hence, helping you to keep your beard looking more pronounced, well-defined, and stylishly-kept. 

The reason why I’ve insisted on “Stainless Steel” is that it’s the only common material available that lasts longer, is less susceptible to rust and corrosion, and is affordable. Get it?

A Pair of Styling Shears

Lastly, you can get a pair of scissors if you don’t fancy using a hair trimmer. On the plus side, shears make a quick and easy job of trimming out strays and shaping facial hair to any desired shape or length.

However, be very cautious of this tool; because one wrong move when trimming can turn into a disaster or major setback on your beard-growing ambitions. So, make sure you have some skills or have read through several beard scissor trimming tips beforehand. 

In summary, having all these tools is your first step towards growing and maintaining an awe-inspiring beard. Yes – it won’t be easy; but – proper beard grooming using the right tools will definitely be worth it.