8 Life Hacks for a Quick and Easy Male Grooming Routine

8 Life Hacks for a Quick and Easy Male Grooming Routine

Gone are the days when men were scorned for male grooming. Today a gentleman can spend hours in the shower and it will be nothing out of the ordinary. Guys can even sit comfortably in a beauty spa getting their nails and hair done without raising eyebrows.

Looking good, however, does not need to cost a fortune. There is also no rule that states you must spend hours on end to groom properly. If you want to always put your best foot forward without too many complications, here are 8 hacks to adopt for a simple and quick male grooming routine.


Complete Several Grooming Tasks at Once

When time is not on your side, creativity should come to the rescue. This implies that you must maximize the little time you have to spare. For instance, instead of just winding down watching your favorite sport, multi-task and complete a few male grooming tasks. While having fun with your show, there are several things you can do including:

  • Combing your hair/applying oil.
  • Trimming finger and toenails.
  • Applying moisturizer on your body.
  • Folding or ironing clothes, etc.

The best thing about this is that male grooming does not feel like a chore because your mind will focus more on the sport.

Scrub your Face

You can do this once a week when you have time. It is recommended that you scrub on Monday mornings to get rid of the weekend shenanigans. Individuals with oily skin can use coffee filters as a natural scrub. It does an excellent job absorbing the oils. A plain face wash will do the rest of the week.

Improvise when Taking a Full Bath is not Possible

Whereas it is ideal to shower one or two times a day, there will always be that one odd day when it’s impossible to jump into the bathroom. This is not the time to carry the previous day’s dirt. Always have adult wipes on standby. Use this to freshen up quickly.

Invest in Dry Shampoo

If showering might be a problem, washing your hair may not be a priority. Nonetheless, it needs to be done. Dry shampoo can do the trick where you do not even have to restyle the hair. It is a great tool for male grooming emergencies ensuring the man stays clean, healthy, and neat.

Purchase an Electric Toothbrush

Dental health is non-negotiable when it comes to personal hygiene. Spend less effort cleaning your pearly whites with the electric toothbrush because it ends up doing most of the work. These can save you trips to the dentist as they are known to reduce more plaque and cut down on gum issues. You can even use home remedies like using a few lemon juice drops and a teaspoon of baking soda to make the teeth brighter once in a month.

Always Carry Conditioner

If you know that your hair becomes frizzy often, some hair care products like conditioner can save you from those embarrassing bad hair days. Just apply a little on the hair and you do not have to worry about frizzy hair for the rest of the day. If the conditioner is not easy to come by, hand cream also does an excellent job.

Use Lip Balm to Solve Shaving Problems

Lip balm is your go-to partner when you are shaving. It comes in handy especially if you are shaving in a hurry because you are bound to cut yourself accidentally regardless of how careful you are. This does not have to mess up your routine. Applying lip balm on the cut stops blood flow immediately allowing you to go about your duties without wasting time.

Squeeze in Time for a Haircut

Whether you are going in for professional cut or DIY, save some time for a thorough haircut if you are not rocking a bold look at least once or two times a month. This will give you an easier time grooming the other days because the hair will already be in mint condition hence saving you a lot of time.

Fast-paced lives need not present a hindrance to grooming right. It does not take much to feel and look great. Do not ignore these hacks because you may not get a second chance to make a first appearance. If you are a busy man and do not have enough time to build a grooming routine, then we can help you build a quick and simple men’s grooming regimen.