How to Trim a Mustache : The Perfect Way

How to Trim a Mustache  : The Perfect Way

There are no facial hairs that can spell your manliness better than the mustache. It is simply the definition of a classic modern man. However, with time it can grow beyond the desired size becoming irritating and untidy. An unkempt mustache is easily noticeable and can be really be embarrassing especially when your aim is to impress. To avoid such uncomfortable situations, you need to groom it to keep it in shape and clean.

Though mustache trimming is a simple process, it requires the use of the right tools and techniques. If you want to keep it on the check, this step-by-step guide on how to trim a mustache will equip you with all the skills you need to tidy up your facial enhancing hairs.


11 Steps of Trimming a Mustache


  1. Put Your Arsenal Ready

    Trimmer Combs

    The very first step is to get ready with all the necessary tools required to attain a neat and tidy mustache. Most importantly you need to have a pair of scissors, professional clippers, and a fine-toothed beard comb.

  2. Always Trim in Front of a Well-Lighted Mirror


    A well-lighted mirror enables you to see your facial hairs to ensure a neat and even trim. Ensure that you can see both sides of the mustache so that you can trim uniformly.

  3. Comb It with the Fine-Toothed Side of the Beard Comb

    fine-toothed comb

    While combing, it is important to ensure that the mustache is completely dry so as to straighten it and see its actual size. If you want to make the facial hair softer and easily manageable, you may shampoo or condition the mustache and dry it after

  4. Creating the Lip-Line

    Creating Lip LineUse the pair of trimmers to cut along the lip line while you maintain a neutral facial expression. This is a way to ensure that you can tell whether you are trimming the mustache evenly or not. You should hold the clippers upright and make cut a small line along the contour of the lips in the outside-center direction on both ends.

  5. Trimming the Top Side of the Mustache (Around the Nostrils).

    Trimming moustache

    Create a clean line on the upper side of the mustache using a precision blade to maintain your desire mustache shape. Cleaning the upper mustache line helps in that people cannot confuse the mustache with protruding nasal hairs. Additionally, it defines the shape and style of the mustache.

  6. Use a Pair of Scissors and a Comb to Reduce the Length of the Mustache.

    scissors and a combFirst, comb the hairs in an upward direction and use the scissors to cut the ends that protrude beyond the teeth of the comb. You may use an electric trimmer which has a guide attachment which acts as the comb starting with a larger setting and reduces until you attain the length you want. You should trim in a sequence and stop to check the progress. If you are using a trimmer, you can start with a higher setting as it is possible to always trim further, but if you cut more than intended, it would take time to grow new hair.

  7. Comb it Downwards and See If You Have Missed Any Overgrown Strand

    Comb the hairs straight moving in the downward direction and check for strands that you could have missed while trimming. Use the scissors to trim any stray hairs to the preferred length. You need to be careful while doing this to avoid ruining uneven cuts. A good way is to cut the remaining strands one at a time.

  8. Refine by Precision Edging

    Precision EdgingOnce you have refined the trim, use a precision blade to refine the lip-line to define the shape. You can also do so by removing the Clippers guard and snip any hairs that are left on the below the lip-line Also ensure that there are no hairs remaining on the upper edge.


  9. Rinse and Towel Your Face

    Rinse FaceOnce you are done trimming, it is important to rinse your face in clean cold water and carefully dry the facial hairs with a towel by tapping gently. This removes any hairpieces and any form of dirt remaining on the face.

  10. Sooth Any Irritation

    You can use hydrating aftershave lotion or beard balm to soothe the skin under the shaved area. Applying small amounts of beard oil also helps in keeping the skin and the mustache moist and silky soft. Additionally, it makes the hair grow stronger and healthier.

  11. Use the Mustache Wax for Styling

    Mustache WaxDepending on the mustache length and personal taste you can go further and add some style to the facial hair. You can do this by brushing a small amount of wax through the mustache, and it is recommended to use homemade mustache wax to avoid chemicals that can ruin your hair. Move the comb through the strands in quick successions for 3 to 5 times to ensure that the wax is evenly spread and then shape the mustache to your unique style.