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How to Make Your Beard Straight and Soft

How to Make Your Beard Straight and Soft

You thought this was going to be an easy ride, didn’t you? Just a single glance at members of the beard-gang was enough to sweep you off your feet, sending you to perhaps the farthest point of the universe; merely day-dreaming about how good that facial hair would look on you, wasn’t it?

Subsequently, you decided to take the bull by the horn and put down the razor.

Four months down the line, you’ve realized growing a beard isn’t a piece of cake at all; with your low beard quality and constant itching right behind you, bearing witness to this fact.

You’ve got a decent beard length, yet, it is a bit wiry and hard, right? Now, you need to figure out how to make your beard straight and soft.

No worries! This article holds the solutions to your beard issues. All you’ve got to do is read. Yeah, read on:

Why My Beard is Rough?

Why is this happening to my beard? Of course, you must be wondering. Well, it could be due to a couple of reasons.

How often do you clean your beard?

Eventually, you must get in-tune with the fact that your beard is now a perpetual part of you.

It is like the hair on your head; just that your head-hair isn’t as exposed and prone to being touched during the day.

Not to talk of its likely contact with food and dust. In this case, a dirty beard means a rough beard.

Not just that, low weather and a dehydrated body system could also result in that kind-of-beard that you dislike- a rough beard!

Some common reasons for a rough beard
  1. Lack of moisture
  2. Touching the beard too often
  3. Shower in hard water
  4. Cold weather
  5. Dirt in beard
  6. Improper beard care

Some Home Remedies for Soft Beard

Rather than going through the traditional way of visiting a store, you could take the home remedy route.

Olive Oil

How about some Olive hair on your beard? Due to the antioxidants and high moisturizing features of olive oil, it would keep your beard black, shiny and soft. Heat up the oil a bit, massage your beard with it, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning with lukewarm water. A recipe for a super-soft beard!


Honey, huh? Applying it to your beard might be one-hell-of-a-difficult-task, but, it is worth it. Its natural moisturizing properties can help promote hair growth while keeping it soft. Take some honey and add a spoonful of lemon. Now, massage it into your beard, leaving it for about the minutes. Wash off with cold water.

Aloe Vera

You really wouldn’t wish for some dandruff on your beard; the Aloe vera get also doesn’t. Aloe vera gel helps you avert dandruff while keeping your beard super-shiny and soft. Massage in and wash off immediately with lukewarm water.

How to Keep your Beard Straight

Naturally developing a straight beard requires a lot of patience, commitment, and diligence. And yeah, care. You need to establish a daily routine and stick to it.

First off, you might need to order some shampoo and soap from the store.

To switch from a rough, wiry beard to a straight, soft one, you need to make a routine out of washing away all the dirt of the day. So, give your beard proper shampooing and conditioning.

Shampoos wash away the dirt lurking in your beard, while conditioners moisturize the beard, making it easier to style and straighten out.

How do you use them?

Rub them in with both palms, gently lathering your beard. Then use the tips of your fingers to massage them in.

Do the shampoo before the conditioner. Leave it in for 1-5 minutes before completely drying it.

However, ensure you rinse out these chemicals completely. Otherwise, you end up getting the opposite of what you had in mind: a dry, rougher beard.

Beard oils too could be helpful. Ditto to conditioners, they keep the beard moisturized, which in turn makes it straighter.

The amount of oil applied depends on the length, density, and texture of the beard. And, beard oil is better applied to damp hair.

Also, understand the effect of combs. When combing, always move outward from the center of your face. Brush gently so you don’t pull harshly on still tangled hair.

And not just after your morning shower, a key part to maintaining straight hair is constant combing. Set aside sometime during the day to run a plastic comb down the center of your face.


Now you know how to make your beard soft and straight, what’s next?

Consistency! If you would ever see any significant result, you’ve got to be consistent. Diligently consistent.