Best Tips on How to Get a Close Shave without Razor Burns

Best Tips on How to Get a Close Shave without Razor Burns

For a man that likes to get a clean & close shave, the razor must come close to your skin. In spite of having the razor so close, no one really wishes for a razor burn.

However, we don’t always get what we wish for, as redness and razor burns always come as the price for having a close shave.

Have you ever imagined a day when you get to shave without having a razor burn? If so, this article is here to make that imagination of yours a reality, as it contains the best tips to help you avoid the razor burns that could result from shaving.

How to Avoid Razor Burns and Get a Close Shave?

Make use of a single-blade safety razor; do not use a cartridge razor

If you have been wondering how to prevent razor burn and get a close shave, then you must have figured that you probably need the best grooming tools.

You would agree that a razor is an important tool. While modern multi-blade cartridge razors always seem like the most convenient option, they’re not the best for your skin.

When multiple blades are used on your skin, while the first blade pulls up the hair, the other blades go on to cut underneath it. Although the producers of these blades claim to make them for the purpose of getting a close shave, these blades are actually a little too close for comfort. Multi-blade razors tend to cut the hair beneath the skin, leading to ingrown hairs, as well as razor bumps.

On the brighter side, single-blade safety razors proffer a solution by giving a safe alternative that would hardly cause any razor burns. There are three simple steps to get a close shave and prevent razor burns.

  • Step 1: Use Pre-shave oil
  • Step 2: Shave with the grain
  • Step 3: Use an aftershave lotion


Step 1: Use a Pre-Shave Oil

Each time you noticed a pre-shave oil on the shelf of a store, you might have been wondering what exactly the benefits of these oils are. If you are looking to get a close, yet injury-free shave, then you should purchase oils for pre-shave the next time you go to the store. This is because these oils make the beard softer so that you can shave without any form of tugging at the hair. These oils also function to give a layer of lubrication (which is protective), between the sensitive skin of the face and the razor blade.

So, stop wondering how to get a close shave without razor burns and go get pre-shave oils. In essence, apart from having a great grooming kit, you need these oils.

The oils are usually made from a mix of natural oils (such as olive oil and castor oil). It does not only provide lubrication but also gives hydration to the skin.  

Step 2: Shave with the Grain

Shaving with the grain makes your shaving seamless. However, when you shave against the grain, it is like pulling the way in a direction, out of its natural arrangement. Hence, shaving against the grain allows the razor to first go through pulling the hair across in another direction before cutting it out. This feels like doing a lot of shaving and also makes it seem like you are putting a lot of effort into shaving. However, you are only increasing your chances of having ingrown hairs and razor burns.

Remember to shave with the grain. If you are going to achieve this, then you need to check out the direction of hair growth by running your hand through your hair. After discovering this, shaving with the grain gets easier.

Step 3: Use an After-Shave Lotion

Following shaving, an after-shave lotion is no luxury, it is a must! It is the best gift you can give to your face after shaving. As opposed to the effect of alcohol-based after-shave products, the lotion forms are moisturized your skin greatly. This way, your skin does not dry out. A couple of after-shave lotions also have ingredients that help avoid cases of inflammation. This way, razor-related injuries, and razor burns are prevented. It gets even better if your after-shave lotion of choice contains aloe vera. This is because aloe vera has been proven to be skin-suiting, following shaving. Other great ingredients include tea tree oil and jojoba oil.


A close shave without a razor burn is very achievable, and the tips discussed in this article are proven. However, it doesn’t stop at that. Specific people react to things like a particular pattern of shaving. It is up to you to look out for what really works for you.