How To Fix Patchy Beard And Make Your Beard Look Fuller

How To Fix Patchy Beard And Make Your Beard Look Fuller

A full beard is something every man desires; the perfect icing on the cake after wearing the perfect-sized suit! However, unluckily, your facial hair does not always play by the rules; it is simply too stubborn.

With several men suffering from uneven growth and coarse qualities of beard hair- as though the hair sprouts are confined to specific spots and have been issued strict commands not to cross certain boundaries by goodness-knows-who, it is not uncommon to hear a worried man voice out this question: “how do I fix patchy beard?”        

First off, it is important to understand why you have a patchy beard. Want to know?

Why Is My Beard Patchy?

To clear the air, I’d like to reiterate that a patchy beard is nothing to be seriously bothered about. Factors ranging from diet right through to hormonal imbalances and stress could bring about this occurrence. Also, some fungal infections have been linked to this happening, as well as some dental and autoimmune conditions. All these factors might or might not have a role to play in the hair loss in your beard region; however, if you have always had a patchy beard, it is probably due to a genetic issue. Whether it be genetics or some sort of infection, the good news is that there are patchy beard solutions that would work well for you!

How to Make a Beard Look Fuller?

A patchy beard is characterized by a difference in the texture and quality of the beard. In other words, in some areas- let say closer to the mouth and side- it is darker compared to the middle region of the beard.

The first step to fill in a patchy beard to recognize these areas of your beard. Once that is done, grab your taper. Use the taper to carefully make the darker spots a little lighter so as to bring about an even beard. Then, go on to use the clipper to trim out the beard beginning from the jaw to the mustache than to the top of your beard. Be sure to check occasionally for the lightness of either side; so you won’t go walking down the street with one side darker than the other.

Now is the time to go over the beard line. Pick up your shaving gel and razor. Depending on your preferences, you might want to push the beard line a little bit lower so as to bring out your facial features. If you follow these steps, as well as some adding some spice of creativity, your patchy beard would look much more full. If you think you are not good at doing it all by yourself, take a trip to your barber.

How to Get Rid of Patchy Beard?

Leave It Alone; Just Leave It to Grow

If you would ever get a full beard, first of all, you need to resist the temptation to use the razor. Yeah…I know the urge to look cool is there; but then, you need to drop the razor for at least a month. Let it grow on its own. After a month, trim your cheek and jawline for it to look all clean and tidy. Allowing it to grow freely helps you get a patchy beard growth. Continue letting your hair grow- the fuller your facial hair, the more likely the patches would get lost underneath the rest of your hair bush.  

If You Want to Fix Patchy Beard, Take Good Care of It

In as much as you are isolating your beard to make it grow fuller, it is wise to combat the issue of hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. It is simple. First off, how do you combat hair loss?   

Hair loss is a phenomenon most men cannot avoid in the long run. However, opting for a hair transplant is not so much pocket-friendly. So, what do you do? Use Minoxidil. Although there are a lot of myths surrounding the use of minoxidil.

Minoxidil (2% and 5%) is an excellent drug and is effective at preventing hair loss. However, it should be used cautiously under the supervision of medical personnel. If continuous usage results in major side effects, treatment should be stopped. 

That’s not all. Converting a patchy beard to a full beard would also require the application of beard oil. Talking about promoting new beard growth, beard oil helps you nip the itchiness that frequently accompanies the growth of a new beard. Many men are unsure about how often beard oil should be applied. The truth is, the rate of application is dependent on your location. A general rule of thumb is that if you live in dry regions, apply it at least twice daily. However, if you are based in humid regions, once in a few days would do the job. 

Final Thoughts

I am positive that if the above tips are followed, you are sure to have your patchy beard fixed. Even if so, you may want to get things checked out if your beard is new. No matter what, seeking a professional opinion on why you have a patchy beard and how to fix patchy beard would get you right on track to get the even lush beard you have always day-dreamed about.