How to Get Rid of Beard Split Ends

How to Get Rid of Beard Split Ends

For most, if not all men, beards are a fashion statement. There is probably an uncountable number of styles that men can choose from, and a lot go for the long beards.

Longbeards are cool and seen as very masculine, but the drawback to them is the length of the beard itself. A long beard has higher chances of split beard ends.

Read on to find out why, and how to get rid of split beard ends.  

What are Beard Split Ends?

Beard split ends are exactly what they sound like; your beards, but with the unenviable and unruly badge of split ends. Basically, beard split ends occur as a result of damage to hair that is so extensive that each strand begins to split.

Men's hairs split ends

The main cause of this damage is from the length of the beard, combined with dryness that is a result of beard length and poor grooming. Grooming your hair demands care, and a lack of proper grooming will lead to beard split ends.

A beard with split ends looks rough, feels rough, and is rough. It’s plainly quite uncomfortable and makes it look like you have zero beard grooming culture, even if you don’t. The reason is that the shafts and the follicles of your beards have been broken down by dryness, and this causes your hair to split and fray in different directions.

Reasons You’re Getting Beard Split Ends (Plus Fixes)

Knowing the cause of a problem puts you halfway into solving that problem. Beards with split ends are a serious problem, as they totally skew your attempts at fashion with your beards. 

But not to worry, we have the reasons for split ends and the fixes. So you can see what it is you might have been doing wrong, and what to do to correct it. Our aim is for you to have a beard worthy of mention and free of split ends, so read on.

1) Dying your beards

2) Your diet is off-kilter

3) You’re using the wrong beard product

4) Your beards are too long 

Below are explanations of these reasons and their fixes.

1)   Dyeing Your Beards

A multicolored beard most likely isn’t what you bargained for when you wanted to start growing your beards. But you know what they say, when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. Of course, we understand why you would decide to dye your beards is the way to go.

But unfortunately, dyeing your beards opens the shaft of your hair and makes the cuticles basically Raggedy Ann dolls. The result is that your cuticles become too weak to support hair growth and your beards start fraying. Dying also dries your hair, as it exposes it to chemicals like peroxide, etc. 

Fix: Make sure you follow up dying your hair with high maintenance grooming for your beard. The aim would be to ensure your beard gets as much moisture as possible. The best to do this is to use beard oil, and/or beard balm. They would help supplement the natural sebum in the hair and lock moisture in.

Dyieng your beards

2)   Your Diet is Off Kilter

The protein keratin is very important for hair growth. If you don’t have enough of it in your body, your nails become very dry and unattractive, and your hair becomes brittle.

Fix: Ensure your diet is healthier and richer in protein, especially biotin. Biotin can be found in legumes, nuts, eggs, etc.

Diet is Off Kilter

3)   Use of Wrong Product

Hair is hair, right? Wrong. The composition of the hair on your scalp and that in your jaw are quite different. So, using products meant for your head on your beard is a no-no. It will definitely cause beard splits as a result of moisture loss.

Fix: Try to get beard products, including beard shampoo, and use them 2-3 times a week if you have a full beard. Daily usage might be necessary if your beards are shorter.

4)   Your Beards are Too Long

The length of each hair strand is usually covered in sebum, produced by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicles. But when hair gets too long, the finite supply of sebum can’t reach everywhere, and this causes dryness.

This can also be complicated by a lack of the use of beard oil or beard wax. 

Fix: Ordinarily, we’d say you cut your beards, but you might want to keep them. So, the fix for long beards is that grooming must be done intensively. For long beards, trim weekly with a pair of sharp scissors that are oiled and cleaned. Oil your beards daily and comb thoroughly. Do this religiously for the best results. You can also add beard wax to add extra shine and make your beards look better.

Beards are Too Long

If you’d prefer to cut it short, then you can also do that. Just remember to trim your beards regularly to avoid long beards.

Will Beard Supplements Give You Any Sort of Help?

Yes, they will. We’ll explain how concisely. Beard supplements are meant to aid the growth of your beard by giving you some key vitamins and proteins that enable proper beard growth. There is a general consensus that supplements are for kids, bodybuilders, or old people. This is not true, and will not help you at all if you need supplements.

Supplements for Beard GrowthBeard supplements are packed with only the essential nutrients/protein, such as biotin, that will help you eat properly and grow a better beard. They are not replacements for food. Rather, they are just like assistants to help you get enough vitamins that are necessary for hair growth.

Biotin is found in high quantities in eggs, sweet potatoes, meats, etc. Basing your diet on these foods will see your biotin intake rise, and can also be supplemented with products like Beard Grow XL, Beard Flux XL, etc