Building a Men’s Grooming Regimen in 2020 (With Checklist)

Building a Men’s Grooming Regimen in 2020 (With Checklist)

Contrary to what many men think, taking time in grooming is not a waste of time. It is what distinguishes between responsible men from the careless. Yet, most people have a tight schedule to follow. From trying to be a breadwinner, attending a friend’s function, to working hard to score a remarkable grade in school, there is a chance that limited time is available for good grooming. What saves the day is to come up with a simple men’s grooming checklist that shows some things every man should do in the morning.

Simple Men’s Grooming Checklist:

    1. Wash your face twice a day.
    2. Shave as often as possible
    3. Pick right outfit in advance
    4. Scrub once a week
    5. Apply Deodorant daily
    6. Trim nails once a week

Wash Your Face Twice A Day

This activity is easy to follow. All you need is to go to your bathroom, apply cleanser to a pad and use warm water to wash your face. While in there, you may want to look at the mirror and determine if you have developed infections, flaky skin, or dry lips. You can pass by the store and buy moisturizers and lip balms. It is also important to follow a skincare routine and evaluate what may be causing the infections.

Shave Your Hair As Often As Possible

Men’s hair and beard grow at different rates. While some people will take an entire week before they see signs of growth, others have to shave on a daily basis. Identifying when you need to shave is important. Along with this, you must have a sharp hair clipper, shaving cream, and shampoo in your bathroom. Going to the barbers may not always be possible. You must still shave even when you decide to travel or stay indoors during the vacations.

Pick Up the Right Outfit in Advance

Groomed men do not rush the last minute to their closet. They have an idea of what to wear based on their day’s schedule. You will not see them with a floral shirt and shorts during a formal meeting. They will also not walk to the beach with a suit. Instead, they know how and where to find the right outfit. This does not have to be expensive. A clean and fitting outfit will always create an illusion of class and elegance.

Scrub Your Face Once In a Week

Your skin cells are always growing and dying daily. The skin you see and adore today will be shed off tomorrow. The dead cells will remain on your pores, limiting every chance of getting healthy-looking skin. The best solution is to find some facial scrub and use it once a week.

While choosing facial scrub at the stores, you must know your skin type. A person with normal skin may not have a problem finding the right product. However, you must be careful if you have sensitive skin. A very strong formula will take away all the remaining moisture from your face. You will then have to buy tonnes of moisturizers and drink a lot of water to eliminate the dryness on your skin. Find a scrub that contains hydrating ingredients such as aloe, green tea, and jojoba oils. A person with oily skin must find a product that scrubs deep to remove all the dirt hidden on the pores. Going for a scrub with salicylic acid will help.

Apply Deodorant/Antiperspirant

It is not a secret that a man will tend to sweat even while handling simple tasks. The sweat will find its way to the shirt and cause giggles every time you lift your arms to explain a concept at work or make orders at the grocery shop. To avoid this, find an antiperspirant that can protect you for at least 24 hours.

Trim Your Nails Once A Week

Properly trimmed nails are not only appealing, but they also help you to avoid tearing off your socks and bed sheets. You must trim them on a weekly basis. It will also be worthwhile to visit a beautician for manicure and pedicure once in a while.

Read Magazines on Men’s Grooming

Information is power. Once you know how to groom better, you will do better in the area. You should find online magazines and articles from credible sources.

Clearly, good grooming does not have to take all your time and money. All you need is to follow a few do’s and don’ts and you will stand out in your world.