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Some Of The Best Short Beard Styles For Men To Look For

Some Of The Best Short Beard Styles For Men To Look For

Every man wants a signature look. I mean the “Oh… I saw your beard and knew it was you” kind of signature look. Alongside the recognition a beard brings; most men like the macho air of a well-groomed beard. So, when they are unable to grow long beards, it hits hard on their self-esteem and confidence. But here comes the savior… short beards! 

Short beard styles could be both smart and distinct if you understand exactly how to grow and maintain them. compared to a long beard, a short beard is more of a classic look and men who can’t keep a long beard would go for this.

Is Short Beard for Me?

Before proceeding to the different short beard styles, let’s talk about the probability of its compatibility with you; nice and quick. So, here’s the thing: the purpose short beard exists in the first instance is because either men aren’t able to grow a long beard or they voluntarily choose to do so. Either way, there are certain criteria that must be met before deciding to go for it.  

The thing is that a short beard doesn’t look good on everyone. Whether it looks good on you or not largely depends on your growth pattern. For instance, a short beard favors men with uniform growth patterns as opposed to those without.         

Another thing is that not all short beard styles are suitable for all face shapes. If unsure about your face shape, your barber could help determine that. In case you do not know how to trim your beard too, your barber would be helpful. After that, check out the kind of style that would fit you. Doing so, answering the question- which beard style suits me? wouldn’t be much of a problem.   

In case you are contemplating about whether to grow a short beard or not, maybe this benefit might lure you: Short beards are easily maintained than longer ones. Since the hair is relatively short, getting food stuck in it or being worried about the wind stops. That being said, you should not go for it if you have sensitive skin; in that case, you might experience a little irritation. 

Short Beard Styles for All Faces

Similar to other types of beard, your face shape is sort of a mirror that shows whether a particular beard style would fit you. This makes it easier to pick a style even before getting to the barber’s shop.  

Worried about choosing the wrong style? Not to worry; here, we’ve compiled a list of potential short beard in regards to different face shapes. Now that you have decided to go for a short beard and understand the kind of face shape you have, let’s dive into the plethora of styles you could choose from.

The Stubble

The Stubble BeardIf you have a round face, this is your call- the stubble would look perfect on you. decide on the length that is okay by you and ask your barber to give you that grade all over. Do you know what’s spectacular about this? You do not have to worry about how to trim a beard neckline as the clean razor-shaved neckline helps give you a smarter and more groomed feel. Depending on the speed of your beard growth, prune every 2-5 days.

If you have a long face, you can also try the stubble out. 

The Short Shaggy Beard

short shaggy beard

Come over here if you’ve got a square face! Beards that are full in the chin and short at the sides are fitting for men with square faces, and that’s what the short shaggy beard brings to the table…This style that most would jokingly call ‘nonchalant’ works well if you have uneven hair growth. Be sure to wash and condition it regularly and get it trimmed every two weeks, or whenever it is starting to feel too long.      

The Classic Goatee

The Classic Goatee Beard

This is more like the all-rounder. It goes well on virtually everyone; just ensure you ask for your barber’s opinion as to whether you could try it out. Also, a lot of precautions should be taken when trying to achieve this beard. You don’t want it too narrow or too full as it can change your face shape making it look fuller. 


The Balbo


The Balbo Beard- Tony Stark

You know the kind of beard Tony Stark (Iron Man) wears right? It’s called a special name: the balbo. For those who are not fans of superhero movies, here’s the description of the balbo: the balbo is a beard style in which the facial hair is more conspicuous in the chin and mustache regions. For your barber, achieving this style should be a walk in the park. Since the outline of the style comes naturally, the barber’s only job is to keep your natural hair growth tidy.     

The Van Dyke

Here’s a shorter and cleaner version of the balbo. Also, it resembles a goatee, without the sides though. Keep in mind that the chin hair must be triangular and it is up to you to decide on its length. Also, keep the mustache more prominent. Most beardsmen prefer to grow a handlebar mustache to go along with the Van Dyke.


How To Style a Beard?

Now you have gotten your desired short beard, maintaining it is a different ball game entirely. Follow these steps, and you are good to go!    

  1. Grow it out- when it is at least 2cm long; wash, dry and comb it outwards.
  2. Shape it up- Use your trimmer to shape your neck and cheek lines.
  3. Trim it to your desired length and give your finishing touches. It’s that easy.