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Some Of The Best Food For Hair Growth And Thickness

Some Of The Best Food For Hair Growth And Thickness

Who doesn’t love attention? Just visualize walking down the corner with all eyes on the glamor of your sparkling shoes and a splendid combination of clothes; the surge of adrenaline through your veins as you manage not to squeal out in excitement! 

We crave this moment- everyone does. That’s why we go shopping for the best clothes and shoes. However, any fashionable individual knows that all these would amount to nothing without great hair to complement (besides, it gives the ladies something to drool over, and other men, something to be jealous about!). 

Having this in mind, we have brought to you some food for hair growth:


EggsEggs are one of the high keratin foods which have proven itself as a good promoter of hair growth. For your hair to grow well, it needs a regular supply of minerals such as biotin. Although biotin deficiencies are rare, thinning of the hair- alongside the loss of body hair are some victims of its presence. With eggs, you derive enough biotin needed to keep your hair growing. Also, egg yolk contains special vitamins- such as vitamins A, D and B- which help increase your hair resilience; making it more resistant to damage.

Another mineral your hair shouldn’t lack is iron. In order for the formation of new body cells, including hair cells, your body utilizes iron. Regular consumption of eggs helps provide a constant supply of iron required for the formation of new hair follicles. Eggs contain many other compounds that boost hair growth including L-lysine and protein. Hence, ensure you add eggs to your diet to promote hair growth. 

Eat A Berry- It’s A Good Food For Hair Growth

blackberry-strawberryBerries have great tastes; even kids love them. However, aside from its sweet flavors, it also contains beneficial compounds-including vitamins- for your hair. In fact, berries naturally help reduce hair fall. They contain vitamin C – which possesses strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are specialists in protecting your hair follicle from damage, as well as defending it from harmful particles called free radicals. 

What if I told you that a cup of strawberries can provide up to 141% of your daily vitamin C needs? Your body needs vitamin C so as to provide collagen, a protein that strengthens hair. Again, vitamin C is essential during the absorption of iron from your diet. For sure, berries are one of the foods that promote hair growth.

Fatty Fish

cooked fishSimilar to its other counterparts, mackerel, herring, and salmon, – fatty fish serve as a source of a significant amount of nutrients; many of which affect your hair positively. In 120 men, a study was carried out, with the aim of determining the response of hair follicles to an increased intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Guess what? It was recorded that during this time interval, these men experienced reduced hair loss and increased the hair density. Lucky you, fatty fishes are excellent sources of these fatty acids. 

What’s more, fatty fish are good sources of protein and other vitamins.


nutsThe relish of nuts could send you asking for more. For sure, they are tasty. What’s more, is that they contain a whole variety of nutrients; not just in trace quantities but in major amounts. 

For instance, 28grams of nut is capable of providing 37% of your daily vitamin E needs- which is no doubt good for the growth of healthy hair. Nuts also promote the easy circulation of blood in your scalp so as to keep your scalp healthy. Asides hair growth, nuts have been linked to helping reduce inflammation and promote the easy functioning of the heart.

Spinach Benefits For Hair   

spinachWhen it comes to vegetables that are capable of getting your hair thicker and stronger, spinach is a good choice. Spinach is a green vegetable that is packed with several minerals and vitamins including vitamins A and C, iron and folate- all which contribute to the amazing impact the vegetable has on your hair.

For example, Vitamin A helps the body- via the skin glands- to produce sebum, which is the oily substance that keeps the hair moisturized. Luckily, a cup of spinach provides up to 57% of your daily needs.  

Wrapping Up

As you add foods that promote hair growth to your diet, do not forget to stay away with foods that cause hair loss. The wholesome aim is to have long and healthy hairs!