Beards Are Back in Trend!

Beards Are Back in Trend!

Here’s How to Manage Your Beard

It was just a matter of time before beards made a strong comeback! Just look at a gathering of men and you will notice that they are indeed very popular. More men are realizing that well-groomed facial hairs make them look manly and powerful. If you would like to join the admirable gang of beards, you need to know how to manage the hairs so that you do not end up looking homeless. Here are some secrets that will have you walking on the moon.

Learn to be Patient

If you have just started growing out the beard, do not expect to be looking like a movie star overnight. Remember that the beard growing rate depends on a couple of factors which may include levels of testosterone and genetics. You may have to leave it out for a couple of months before going in for the first trim.

Be ready to deal with an untidy and peppery look at the begging. The annoying phrase does not last for ages. Just hold on a little because excellent results are soon coming your way. Your skin may even itch a bit. Endure this until the skin adjusts to the new intrusion.

Make the Barber Your Best Friend

After growing out the beard, the next logical step would be to trim it. This is something that has to be done right if you want to achieve that amazing look. Before going to YouTube to learn how to trim like a pro, it is highly recommended that you become BFFs with you barber especially in the beginning.

The professional knows exactly what to do with your facial hair. After a few visits, you will have a handle of their skills. This will allow you to continue doing an excellent job after taking charge of beard care.

Effective Beard Care Tips

After getting the length and style of beard that suits your face best, it needs to remain stylish, healthy and tidy.  Here are a few tips you can use to make certain that it is always a looker.

  • Shave repeatedly – Let the Clippers meet your beard as often as possible. It helps to get rid of the unsightly stray hairs and split ends. Do not forget to use a sharp razor to tidy up all the edges around the top of the cheeks and neck. You can also use beard waxes to keep the hairs in place when you are seeking to get rid of the unruly hairs.
  • Moisturize the skin under the beard – The skin beneath the beard also needs your attention. Note that beard hairs take away moisture from your face. Ignoring this part of the body can severely dry out the skin. Be sure to massage a good moisturizer into to beard so that you are not a victim of dry skin and dandruff.
  • Shampoo and Condition – Unclean beards are a huge turn-off. They are breeding grounds for various types of odors including food and cigarettes. Wash the beard at least two times every week minimum. For that extra shine, use a beard leave-in conditioner or beard oil.
  • Use a beard comb or brush – If you are planning on keeping dense facial hair, purchase a bristle brush or comb to make it look well-kept and fuller. Most good brushes are made from boar’s hair a natural fiber that works well on the facial hairs.
Beard Maintenance is Synonymous to Skincare

Keeping your skin healthy is very vital if you want to maintain a head-turning beard. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, working out, and keeping stress levels at a minimal are just a few things that work together to make sure you are healthy overall and end up growing and maintaining the beard you deserve. Taking a hot shower before the shaving process and splashing cold water after is also advisable. It is a move that can ensure you never have to deal with skin irritations, infections, and razor burns.

A great beard is a sure way to boost your confidence and maybe even get the ladies going gaga. Understand that gorgeous beards do not drop from heaven. You must put in the time to achieve an exceptional look. With these simple recommendations, you can keep the beard looking dapper.