Beard Oil: Things You Need to Know About

Beard Oil: Things You Need to Know About

Have you ever used beard oil to groom your beard? No? How about we have a proper lesson on how to grow a beard?

I bet you’d be interested in grooming your beard properly; it no longer has to look or feel unkempt, especially if you know the right oil to use on that mane of hair. This article takes you through the process of finding the right beard oil to grow your beard, from selection to utilization.

Why You Need Beard Oil

You’d agree with me that your beard is a particularly important aspect of your overall look- and that the hair there is quite brittle; unlike the hair on your head or chest, for instance.

Because of the generally coarser outlook of beard hair, you’d need special products to make it grow properly, and flourish to its highest potential. Hence the need for beard oil. Anyone who’s had a beard for a significant amount of time knows that there’s a tendency for the beard to itch, have split ends or flakes.

How does oil help prevent these from occurring? By moisturizing and nourishing the skin beneath the beard, while improving the general look and feel of the beard itself.

Types of Beard Oil?

There are two major types of beard oil- carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier Oils:

Gotten from seeds and nuts, carrier oils are natural in origin. They help your beard become softer and add moisture and nutrients to it. Common examples of these kinds of oil include Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed and Argan Oils.  

Essential Oils:

These oils can be added to carrier oils to increase efficacy. They contain antiseptic ingredients (properties) that aid in dealing with other background skin conditions. Examples include tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood oils.

Should Beard Oil Be Applied Daily?

Many men are often unsure of how often they should apply this. As a rule of thumb, it is okay to administer your oil daily, but if you’re located in a place with dry weather conditions, you might have to apply it twice daily. The same rule applies if you are living in an area with humid weather conditions- which require you to apply perhaps once every few days.

Of course, the amount of oil that you need to apply highly depends on the fullness of your beard. Depending on whether your beard is just a stubble or if it is very long, you would require between 1-5 drops of beard oil per period of application.

Basic Principles for Applying Beard Oil

It is best to apply beard oil right after taking a hot shower; because at this point, your pores are open and your face is super clean.

You can dispense a couple of drops of the beard oil into your palms, working through your face with your hands. This makes the beard oil warm and allows for a more uniform distribution.

Next, you work the beard oil right from the root to the tip of your beard, ensuring it penetrates straight, all the way to the skin. This could take anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 full minutes, depending on how much beard you have.

How Do I Make the Right Choice of Beard Oil?

It might take a while to finally settle in on a particular beard oil which would not only be effective for your beard but will also be safe for use. The key is to keep your mind open.

Precautions: Things to Note When Choosing Your Beard Oil

How the oil in question was extracted is pretty important to how effective the final product you hold in your hands would be.


Most oils are either extracted as cold-pressed oils- gotten from pressing fruit or seeds in a steel press. These oils tend to keep in their natural vitamins and antioxidants; or via the solvent extraction method, wherein the oil-producing material is put into a solvent and after chemical refinement, oil is extracted. This method tends to keep some rather harmful solvent residue.


It is often advisable to make use of oils extracted as cold-pressed oils, rather than via the solvent extraction method.

Regardless of your choice of beard oil, the most important thing is to record a win- i.e. beard growth!