How to Grow a Beard – Beard Growing Tips

How to Grow a Beard – Beard Growing Tips

Recently, beards have become a popular trend for men from all corners of the world. Though men grow beards for different reasons, most use them as a way of defining their facial features. Additionally, there are more benefits for men with beards than just the aspect of attraction. The benefits range from protection against UV rays to boosting self-esteem and confidence. However, not everyone will find your beard attractive, and some will criticize you especially during the early stages of growth. It is therefore important to understand the best ways to grow and care for your beard as well as the reward of mature facial hair. This article takes you through all the important things you need to know about beard growing.

What is the reward of growing a thick beard?

Men with beards enjoy a number of benefits that ‘smooth-faced’ guys don’t. These include:

  • Natural attractiveness – Fully grown and groomed beard is ‘hot’. As a matter of factor, women find men with a beard more attractive, so it can be your winning point in that coffee date opportunity.
  • Facial hairs protect the skin against UV light – Research shows that beards filter the dangerous UV rays which cause spotty, saggy or wrinkled skins and cancer among other skin conditions.
  • Beard can boost your confidence–When you grow a beard you can shape them to highlight your facial features and hide any fault giving you a sharp look. When you become a head turner, you definitely know it and it can be the source of your confidence.
  • Beards keep your skin moisturized – Facial hairs close moisture inside the skin pores keeping it tender and healthy.
  • Interestingly, beards can save you time and money – Regular barber visits consume much of your time.


When is the best time for growing a beard?

The journey to a growing beard can start at any point; any age or time of the year. However, springs is the best time to start keeping off the razor as it offers a number of natural advantages to the growth process. Spring naturally offers a conducive environment to develop facial hairs, so as to have it ready to provide protection during summer and warmth during winter. Another best opportunity to start growing beard is the month of November. As others avoid shaving for the course of spreading cancer awareness, some men take advantage and the ‘Movember’ to grow beard amid little to no criticism.

As fashion experts and experienced beard groomers, our best recommendation for aspiring beard growers is to start now. Once you have decided to keep your facial hair, nothing should hold you back. The earlier you get started, the better. However, a growing beard is not a smooth process and it requires determination and total focus.


Three Common Beard Growing Challenges and How to handle them

  • Patchy Beard Growth–We all have some genetic characteristics which we don’t have control over. Some men will grow a thick beard within a month or two, while some will take time to develop a full beard. In some cases, patchy hair growth could be a sign of ringworm or deficiency of nutrients that favor healthy hair development. To solve the problem, use beard oil to enhance conditions for volume beard growth. Some of the best oils are coconut oil, emu oil, and sweet almond oil.
  • Beard itching and dandruff–In the early stage of beard growing, most people experience itching which frustrates them forcing them to end the journey prematurely. This can be minimized by the use of moisturizing beard oil to keep the skin and the scalp moist. Top recommendations include avocado oil, tea seed oil, argan oil, and the gold jojoba oil.
  • Criticism–One of the most common discouragements for beard starters is handling the negative comments from colleagues, friends and even relatives. While your beard may not look good at the beginning, it will be important to ignore people’s comments and focus on your target.


Top Beard Growing Tips for All Men

The following are the key tips for successful beard development:

  1. Patience pays–Beard growing is not a one-night task; it may take you a couple of weeks or even months depending on your type of hair. It is advisable to leave the hair untouched for a month or two to allow even growth.
  2. Understand your hair type and shape of the face–Understanding your type of hair and face shape helps you to choose a style that complements your natural appearance.
  3. Ensure regular beard grooming–Beard grooming involves washing, oiling, shaping and trimming. It is important to shape your beard as it grows and wash it from time to time to remove sweat and other types of dirt buildup. Moreover, you need to trim the overgrown strand to give the beard an even shape. It is also critical to oil your beard and comb/ brush it to train it to grow in the preferred direction.
  4. Acquire the best beard products and tools–You need to equip yourself with professional trimmer, comb or brush and to use the best products to keep the beard healthy and shiny. Natural products are the best.